The Quest for Cyber Peace

image of The Quest for Cyber Peace

This publication aims to promote the concept of global cyber peace by examining how ICTs underpin everyday life; evaluating current cyberthreats and trends; analysing the impacts of cybercrime and cyber conflict; assessing the validity of current legal frameworks; defining the concept of cyber peace, and establishing it as an overriding guiding principle for peaceful behaviour in cyberspace; and charting a path forward.



Cyber Peace

This book has been placed under the auspices of cyber peace, in deliberate contrast to the negative phenomena of cyberwar, cyberterrorism and cybercrime. To opt for the positive side in the war–peace antinomy implies an important change in perspective and scale of priorities, as it orients the mind towards the benefits and positive potential of the Information Society and provides a goal post to that effect, reinforcing the negative connotation of cyberwar and related terms and calamities, and instigating dynamic movement towards a global culture of cybersecurity.


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