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image of Digital Identity in the ICT Ecosystem

Digital Identity in the ICT Ecosystem

This paper defines digital identity, provides an overview of the various types of digital identity systems, looks at different approaches taken and the range of challenges being faced, as well as opportunities that arise from using digital identity...
image of ICT for Energy

ICT for Energy

This report increases understanding of the interplay between actors, business models, services, and products of both ICT and energy sectors and sheds light on the importance of policy interventions to optimise resources and build sustainable synergies
image of The Future of Cable TV

The Future of Cable TV

This report was developed by ITU, with support from its membership, and other ICT stakeholders and considers the wider context of ICT convergence of industries and technologies and the impact on cable TV, including insight into major trends, market...
image of The State of Broadband 2018

The State of Broadband 2018

The report finds steady progress towards the Broadband Commission’s targets. Targets can play a significant role in informing, shaping and influencing policy priorities at the national and regional levels, and a growing number of governments now...

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