The Quest for Cyber Peace

image of The Quest for Cyber Peace

This publication aims to promote the concept of global cyber peace by examining how ICTs underpin everyday life; evaluating current cyberthreats and trends; analysing the impacts of cybercrime and cyber conflict; assessing the validity of current legal frameworks; defining the concept of cyber peace, and establishing it as an overriding guiding principle for peaceful behaviour in cyberspace; and charting a path forward.



The International Response to Cyberwar

Countries around the world are responding to the new threat of cyberwar in a number of ways. Although some states are just beginning to address the issue of cybersecurity, most governments at the very least recognize the need for reallocation of resources and reform of national security strategies on some level. Many nations are increasing funding, research and tactical and diplomatic resources to improve their cybersecurity. Some countries engage in “air-gapping” – attempting to isolate particular networks by not linking them to other systems – to protect critical information structures and systems from attack. The following section assesses the different approaches adopted by various states.


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