Spectrum Monitoring - Supplement


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The purpose of this Supplement to the ITU-R Handbook - Spectrum Monitoring (Edition 2002) is to provide up-to-date information on several issues before the publication of the next complete edition of the Handbook. It provides a complete and self-contained revision of the following chapters of the Handbook: - Chapter 3 (Monitoring equipment and automation of monitoring operations), - Section 5.1 (Spacecraft emission monitoring) of Chapter 5, and - Annex 1 (Monitoring system planning and tenders).



Monitoring system planning and tenders

A National Radio Regulatory Authority has to interpret and implement the provisions of the ITU Radio Regulations (RR), which have the force of an international treaty. It also has to implement the national statutory provisions of the national laws and the Rules framed there under relating to radiocommunications. Compliance of the provisions of the authorizations/licenses by various wireless users, spread all over the country, has also been enforced. The Monitoring Organization is the field organization of the national Authority, which provides practical data relevant to spectrum management, including control and regulation of wireless networks, with a view to ensuring interference-free operations of all networks.


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