Spectrum Monitoring - Supplement


image of Spectrum Monitoring - Supplement

The purpose of this Supplement to the ITU-R Handbook - Spectrum Monitoring (Edition 2002) is to provide up-to-date information on several issues before the publication of the next complete edition of the Handbook. It provides a complete and self-contained revision of the following chapters of the Handbook: - Chapter 3 (Monitoring equipment and automation of monitoring operations), - Section 5.1 (Spacecraft emission monitoring) of Chapter 5, and - Annex 1 (Monitoring system planning and tenders).



Specific monitoring systems and procedures

A monitoring service responsible for the enforcement of domestic laws and regulations and engaged in international monitoring, pursuant to Article 16 of the Radio Regulations (RR), would normally participate in the monitoring of emissions from space stations as a normal and necessary extension of regular monitoring facilities, techniques and operations.


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