ISDN Field Trial Guidelines Handbook

image of ISDN Field Trial Guidelines Handbook

This document on ISDN field trial guidelines has been prepared specifically to provide help and guidance to those countries wishing to initiate ISDN field trials. The document calls on the experience already gained through existing ISDN installations to provide the necessary background and information. Additionally many countries have already progressed towards integrated digital switching and transmission for voice networks, (commonly referred to as IDN) as a necessary precursor to the introduction of ISDN. The primary purpose of the field trial guidelines handbook is to support development of planning and implementation requirements necessary for the conduct of a successful ISDN trial, including evaluation of the results.



Operations, administration and maintenance

The service provider must establish suitable operations, administration and maintenance procedures for ISDN. Procedures for voice do not usually address data requirements. The traditional "special service" approach for provisioning data fails to meet the integrated voice and data requirements of ISDN. It is important that personnel are familiar with both telephony and data services before ISDN can be properly installed and maintained. Yet it is equally important that the ISDN offering be tailored to fit properly with the existing operations administration and maintenance support structure of the service provider.


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