ISDN Field Trial Guidelines Handbook

image of ISDN Field Trial Guidelines Handbook

This document on ISDN field trial guidelines has been prepared specifically to provide help and guidance to those countries wishing to initiate ISDN field trials. The document calls on the experience already gained through existing ISDN installations to provide the necessary background and information. Additionally many countries have already progressed towards integrated digital switching and transmission for voice networks, (commonly referred to as IDN) as a necessary precursor to the introduction of ISDN. The primary purpose of the field trial guidelines handbook is to support development of planning and implementation requirements necessary for the conduct of a successful ISDN trial, including evaluation of the results.



Implementation and operation of field trial

The establishment of an ISDN service will involve either an upgrade of facilities to existing exchange equipment, requiring the replacement and/or addition of hardware and software, or alternatively, the introduction of new exchange equipment where an upgrade is not technically or economically viable. If not already implemented in the host network, ISDN will require the establishment of digital transmission paths between nodes, as well as the introduction of the CCITT signalling system number 7 and a network synchronization scheme. New transmission equipment will be introduced into the Customer Access Network in addition to new customer equipment (CEQ) and a range of new terminal equipments.


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