The State of Broadband 2017

Broadband Catalyzing Sustainable Development

image of The State of Broadband 2017

Since its establishment in 2010 by ITU and UNESCO, the Broadband Commission has sought to promote the adoption of effective and inclusive broadband policies and practices in countries around the world, with a view to achieving more inclusive and sustainable development by empowering individuals and society through the benefits of broadband and on the basis of respecting human rights. This annual report from the ITU/UNESCO Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development showcases the state and trends in broadband deployments around the world.



Harnessing Broadband for Sustainable Development

Digital technologies, ICTs and broadband offer major opportunities to improve people’s lives, and enhance development outcomes. In June 2017, UN Global Pulse and GSMA launched a report on “The State of Mobile Data for Social Good” outlining the value of harnessing mobile data for social good. It highlights the current landscape, assesses the barriers to scale, and makes recommendations for ways forward (Viewpoint 21).


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