Strategies and Policies Concerning Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

Final Report [Question 7/2]

image of Strategies and Policies Concerning Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

This report collects and disseminates information concerning exposure to Radio Frequency (RF) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), in order to assist national Administrations, particularly in developing countries, to develop appropriate national regulations. It is useful for Administrations, in order to listen and respond to the concerns of the public related to radiating antennas.



Case studies based on responses received to survey

At the September 2015 meetings of ITU-D Study Group 2 and its Working Party 1/2, it was agreed to issue a joint survey in order to collect the latest information on the status of strategies and policies concerning human exposure to electromagnetic fields (study Question 7/2) and other study Questions, to request input from the Membership on these specific topics. By the end of the deadline, study Question 7/2 received 24 responses from ITU Member States and ITU-D Sector Members. Through the analysis of the inputs, findings will help to assist countries in building and strengthening their capacity in human exposure to EMF. Detailed information can be found in Annex 1 to this report.


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