Research on Legislation in Data Privacy, Security and the Prevention of Cybercrime

image of Research on Legislation in Data Privacy, Security and the Prevention of Cybercrime

The International Telecommunication Union’s Development Bureau mandate is to assist developing countries to acquire the knowledge and develop the founding blocks for an information society. One of these founding blocks is cybersecurity. In order to compile general but adequate guidelines on such a vast area, research on existing legislation in developing countries and multinational frameworks is examined on both a content level, encompassing intellectual property, digital rights management and anti-circumvention, and a network security level, incorporating areas such as technical standards and integrity of data, with a close look at the security of information infrastructure (privacy and data protection) and computer-related crimes (spamming and identity theft), among other topics.




Today’s digital age is rapidly becoming congruent with almost all aspects of modern societies. While dependence on information systems grows, so does the use of such systems span out to reach the most isolated places around the world. Proliferation of computers and reliance on these systems becomes a global phenomenon, enlarging the information infrastructure linking these different systems together, becoming more complex and more difficult to manage at a centralized level without impeding on speed and quality. The inherent nature of the internet obliterates all physical boundaries and thus becomes an international network of information systems, serving all kinds of functions, be they public or private, profitmaking or simply the gratuitous dissemination of information.


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