Report on the WSIS Stocktaking 2016

image of Report on the WSIS Stocktaking 2016

The eighth edition of the WSIS Stocktaking Report Series, focuses on contributions by stakeholders worldwide to WSIS and Sustainable Development Goals. It emphasizes achievements, highlights trends and draws conclusions consistent with the action lines referenced in the Geneva Plan of Action. This Report provides key findings on emerging trends in the development of the information society, and references major activities being implemented in the eighteen areas covered by the eleven WSIS Action Lines.




This category encourages the media - print and broadcast, as well as new media - to continue to play an important role in the information society, through the development of domestic legislation that guarantees the independence and plurality of the media. Additionally, it takes appropriate measures - consistent with freedom of expression - to combat illegal and harmful media content, and seeks to encourage media professionals in developed countries to establish partnerships and networks with the media in developing countries, especially in the field of training.


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