Quality of Service and Network Performance


image of Quality of Service and Network Performance

The QoS Handbook sets out to specify network service quality parameters that enable services to be offered to customers/users in order to satisfy customers'/users' quality of service expectations. These parameters relate to both implementation and ongoing use of the service. Service quality is also related to all aspects of network assessment and management of the network.




Over the last years, Quality of Service (QoS) has evolved as a research field to support new application types in general, very often in networked computer systems. The most prominent of these applications are distributed multimedia applications, which transmit and process audiovisual information streams. Due to their real-time nature, any correct processing and transport of these data must take timing aspects into account. The goal of QoS mechanisms is to ensure that the overall presentation of audiovisual data to the user respects these properties in an end-to-end mode.


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