Measuring the Information Society Report 2014

image of Measuring the Information Society Report 2014

The MIS Report, which has been published annually since 2009, features key ICT data and benchmarking tools to measure the information society, including the ICT Development Index (IDI). The IDI captures the level of ICT developments in 166 economies worldwide and compares progress made during the last year. The MIS 2014 highlights the relationship between ICT development (as measured by the IDI) and the MDGs, a contribution to the ongoing discussions on the potential of ICTs as development enablers. The report includes the results of the ICT Price Basket (IPB) and new mobile-broadband price data for over 140 economies. Price data are analysed to provide insights into the relationship between affordability and income inequality, competition and regulation. The report also looks at new ICT data sources for measurement and examines the possible role of ICT big data for monitoring and development.



ICT prices and the role of competition

The price of ICT services constitutes a determining factor for ICT uptake and, as such, continues to be a focus of attention for regulators and policy-makers. Affordability remains the main barrier to Internet access at home in many developing countries. In Brazil, for instance, 44 per cent of all households with a computer did not have Internet in 2013 because they considered it too expensive or beyond their means (CETIC.BR, 2013). In developed countries, although not having Internet at home may be more attributable to other factors, such as lack of interest, cost still represents a barrier for many people. In the European Union, around one in five households without Internet cite cost as the reason, and seven out of ten of those who have Internet state that price is the most important factor when choosing the service (European Commission, 2013; European Commission, 2014). The importance of affordability also applies to other ICT services, and its impact goes beyond access, also influencing usage: over half of EU citizens limit their national mobile phone calls because of concerns about cost (European Commission, 2014).


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