ITU-R Propagation Prediction Methods for Interference and Sharing Studies


image of ITU-R Propagation Prediction Methods for Interference and Sharing Studies

This Handbook provides technical information and guidance needed for sharing studies and interference assessments using selected ITU-R P-Series RF propagation models and prediction methods. The handbook is intended to be used in conjunction with ITU-R P-Series Recommendations to assist in performing interference analyses and prediction methods on radiocommunication service systems.




Within the ITU-R, Study Group 3 is responsible for carrying out studies on propagation of radio waves in ionized and non-ionized media and the characteristics of radio noise, for the purpose of improving radiocommunication systems. Study Group 3 consists of four Working Parties each covering particular aspects of radiowave propagation and has 86 technical Recommendations and 8 technical Reports within the ITU-R P-Series category in force as of August 2011. Some of these documents provide detailed measurement data; others provide models for specific propagation phenomena; still others provide propagation prediction methods − that is, steps and procedures for combining models to evaluate the overall propagation loss along a transmission path.


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