Fast-Forward Progress

Leveraging Tech to Achieve the Global Goals: ICT4SDG

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This Report was written as a collaborative effort between 29 UN programmes, specialized agencies and international organizations. It draws on the personal insights from a range of leaders of UN organizations and World Wildlife International.



SDG7 - Affordable & Clean Energy

The IAEA plays an active part in helping Member States to achieve the SDGs. Far from being the preserve of industrialized countries, nuclear science and technology offer prospects for addressing the broader energy needs to developed and developing countries alike, by offering more options and choice. The IAEA uses ICTs to support Member States in improving the functionality, safety and security of existing and new Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) to ensure Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG 7) and improve Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG 9) by managing complex nuclear lifecycle technology systems. However, the applications of nuclear techniques – and the IAEA’s work – in fact extend far beyond just nuclear energy.


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