Evolving Spectrum Management Tools to Support Development Needs

Resolution 9: Participation of Countries, Particularly Developing Countries, in Spectrum Management. Final Report

image of Evolving Spectrum Management Tools to Support Development Needs

This report addresses national technical, economic and financial approaches to, and challenges of, spectrum management and spectrum monitoring, taking into consideration development trends in spectrum management, case studies on spectrum redeployment, licensing processes and best practices implemented in spectrum monitoring around the world, including consideration of new spectrum-sharing.



Spectrum monitoring

This Chapter presents highlights about spectrum monitoring. As noted earlier, spectrum monitoring is an essential tool for spectrum management because of its ability to: monitor and take measurements of signals; detect and identify unauthorized stations; determine station locations for further enforcement actions; and identify the source of harmful interference. Administrations interested in establishing spectrum monitoring facilities are encouraged to read the ITU-R Handbook on Spectrum Monitoring, ITU-R Recommendations and ITU-R Reports identified in the relevant ITU--R References provided before the annexes of this report, for additional details. Furthermore, the reader is advised that the ITU Academy provides training in spectrum monitoring.


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