Digital Skills Assessment Guidebook

image of Digital Skills Assessment Guidebook

This guidebook can be used to determine the existing supply of a digitally skilled cohort at a national level, to assess skills demand from industry and other sectors, to identify skills gaps, and to develop policies to address future digital skills requirements. A must-have for policy-makers and other stakeholders.



Review of existing work on national digital skills assessments

This chapter reviews existing work on digital skills frameworks and corresponding digital skills assessment tools, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each tool as part of a national assessment. In considering the various assessments, the discussion covers how digital skills assessments incorporate the types of and levels of digital skills established in ITU’s Digital Skills Toolkit. Digital skills assessments are broken down into three categories, namely self-assessment, knowledge-based assessment and performance-based assessment, and the role and purpose of each of these types of assessment is discussed. In addition, the chapter reviews digital skills assessments at the national level, examines the advantages and disadvantages of national assessments and provides examples of countries where digital skills assessments have been undertaken. Finally, a variety of methods available for countries to conduct an assessment of their current digital skills requirements and gauge their current skills mismatch are considered. In later chapters, the report builds upon this knowledge to support a nation’s understanding of its future digital skills needs.


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