Deployment of Broadband Wireless Access Systems

Handbook Land Mobile, Volume 5

image of Deployment of Broadband Wireless Access Systems

The overall purpose of the Handbook is to assist in the decision-making process involving planning, engineering and deployment of wireless-based land mobile systems, especially in developing countries. It also provides information that will assist in training engineers and planners in the regulating, planning, engineering and deployment aspects of these systems.




Broadband wireless access (BWA) systems allow for wireless access to data networks, with high data rates that can be used to deliver a wide range of services such as voice, data, voice-over-IP, and video services to businesses, homes or users on the move regardless of their location. In other words, the term broadband wireless access encompasses the full range of wireless technologies and applications for the delivery of fixed and mobile services. BWA is an effective and increasingly popular Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Access to broadband Internet can increase productivity and contribute to economic growth, for which broadband deserves a central role in development strategies.


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