Converging Networks

image of Converging Networks

This Handbook presents the ITU-T Recommendations on next generation networks in the context of the ongoing convergence of the telecommunications and media industries.



Communications Fusion - The convergence of telecommunications and mass media

The most notable recent developments in telecommunications are the enormous popularity of mobile phones and the growth of the Internet. Mobile phones have not only been bought by billions of people worldwide but have become truly multimedia devices. The current generation of mobile "phones" incorporate cameras, music and video players, web browsers and TV receivers, illustrating the convergence of services on a single device and the blurring of differences between mobile phones and personal computers as mobile phones are increasingly being used to access the Internet. For its part, the Internet has become a common infrastructure supporting a very wide range of data, voice and audiovisual services. Today we expect to be able to use each and every service on any device in any location. The widespread use of mobile devices and the Internet has led to the situation in which these technologies have begun to mediate almost every aspect of our interpersonal and business relationships.


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