Construction, Installation, Jointing and Protection of Optical Fibre Cables

1994 Edition

image of Construction, Installation, Jointing and Protection of Optical Fibre Cables

This Handbook gives an insight into the construction, installation, jointing and protection of optical fibre cables. It focuses on internal and external cables, design factor as well as on cables for different environmental conditions.



The configuration of optical plant in distribution networks

For the purpose of this chapter local distribution networks are defined as the physical elements comprising the transmission networks that link the local telephone exchange (central office) to the external cable distribution point at the customers premises. This subject has already been addressed in ITU-T Recommendation L.15 “Optical Local Distribution Network; Factors to be Considered for their Construction” [1]. Because of its’ importance, large sections of the Recommendation are reproduced in this chapter with additional cross references to other chapter in this handbook. It should be noted that the advice given in the Recommendation is based on the experience gained mainly from trial networks and therefore the user should be aware that rapid progress will lead to early revision of this chapter.


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