Confronting the Crisis

Its Impact on the ICT Industry, Febuary 2009

image of Confronting the Crisis

This report focuses on the financial crisis and its impact on the ICT industry and covers areas such as telecoms, the internet, ISPs and media/content delivery platforms. While the economic turmoil may challenge some, it can also overturn the established order and stimulate the emergence of new entrants with new technologies in the innovative ICT industry.



Conclusion: Investing in the Future

This Report has examined the impact of the financial crisis on the global ICT industry, including telecommunications. It briefly examined how the niche origins of the crisis in the US mortgage market have now triggered a global economic slowdown, the impact of which is now being felt around the globe. It is now difficult to speak of one crisis - financial or economic. Instead, this Report has examined how the current market difficulties encompass a set of challenges, in the credit crunch and drying-up of credit; the financial crisis and failure of several high-profile banks; and the subsequent economic slowdown.


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