Computer-Aided Techniques for Spectrum Management (CAT)

Handbook, Edition 2005

image of Computer-Aided Techniques for Spectrum Management (CAT)

This Handbook should be seen as a complement to the handbooks 'National Spectrum Management' (Edition 2005) and 'Spectrum Monitoring' (Edition 2002). The topic of national spectrum management has evolved and become the central hot spot in the activities of all telecommunication administrations. This is particularly true for developing countries, where dramatic development of ICT technologies and their wide application have led to a heavy increase in related spectrum usage. The user/reader will find basic material and numerous models for developing efficient projects that will assist in reaching their objective - implementing automated spectrum management as soon as possible.




The use of computers in the spectrum management process has become crucial for most administrations that are faced with the ever-increasing use of the radio frequencies. Several aspects of this process, such as frequency coordination, administrative procedures (registration and issuing of licences) and notifications of assignments to the ITU according to the Radio Regulations, are crucial in the establishment of a computer-automated process. The first aspect to be considered is the establishment of a national body and associated regulations.


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