2008 African Telecommunication/ICT Indicators 2008

At a Crossroads

image of African Telecommunication/ICT Indicators 2008

Prepared for Africa TELECOM 2008 (Cairo, Egypt, 12-15 May 2008), this report is an indispensable reference book of telecommunication facts and figures for the region. The publication provides an overview of market trends, including in the area of fixed, mobile and Internet services. It looks at the availability of ICTs in households and highlights the importance of community access to ICTs. It further looks at the role of different factors that will be crucial in connecting Africa, including regulation and taxes schemes in telecommunications/ICTs. The report includes some 20 regional tables covering key telecommunication/ICT indicators, 55 individual country pages with a five year profile from 2002-2006, and a directory with names of telecommunication ministries, regulators and operators in the region.



Universal service and access

Universal service and access to ICTs are important policy goals to ensure citizens can participate in and reap the benefits of the Information Society. While universal service is defied as the provision of ICTs to households, universal access relates to making them available at public facilities such as payphones, Internet cafes, etc.


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