World Telecommunication Development Report 1999

Mobile Cellular

image of World Telecommunication Development Report 1999

The fifth edition of ITU’s annual report on telecommunication trends. This edition has as its theme «Mobile Cellular» communications. The report was specially prepared for World TELECOM Interactive 99 in October 1999. The «World Telecommunication Indicators» are also included.



Pricing Mobile

Mobile service is rarely cheaper than fixed-line telephony. Even in countries where the service is relatively mature, the price of using a mobilephone to make a particular call is generally more expensive than using a fixed-line telephone. However, higher prices appear to have done little to detract from the popularity of mobile service. Indeed, many users make calls on their mobilephone even when they are at home or in the office and could easily make the same call, more cheaply, on a fixed-line telephone. The secret of the attractiveness of mobile pricing can be summed up in one word


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