Ubiquitous Network Societies

image of Ubiquitous Network Societies

This publication summarizes the materials and conclusion of a workshop held by ITU from 6 to 8 April 2005, organized by the Strategy and Policy Unit (SPU). This workshop served as a forum for policy-makers, regulators, mobile operators, content providers, industry players, consultants, academics and sociologists to exchange information, experiences and visions relating to future ubiquitous network societies. Topics covered include the impact of ubiquitous technologies on the traditional telecommunication industry, the role and application of RFID, privacy and public policy issues. Country case studies on Italy, Japan, Korea and Singapore are also featured.



Ubiquitous network societies: The case of Japan

In recent years, the use of information and communication networks is being promoted in an increasingly diverse variety of ways, heralding a future in which networks will be everywhere. The rapid deployment of broadband and mobile services over the last few years has already changed lifestyles and business practices. With the parallel proliferation of personal communication devices, the path to a “ubiquitous network society” is being charted across the globe. In Japan, this path is being pursued with particular fervour.


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