2012 Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2012

Smart Regulation for a Broadband World

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The annual Trends in Telecommunication Reform publications are a key part of the dialogue with the world's information and communications technology (ICT) policy-makers and regulators to ensure that all citizens can benefit from new applications, services and businesses opportunities brought by a broadband world.



E-waste and recycling: whose responsibility is it?

The information and communication technologies (ICT) sector has experienced unprecedented growth in the last decade. This trend has been boosted by market liberalization and augmented by convergence, new technologies and resultant innovations such as mobile phones which continue to be the most rapidly adopted technology in history. While sector growth has been experienced worldwide, the impact has been exponential in developing countries. Today the mobile phone is the most popular and widespread personal communication technology on the planet, with an estimated average subscription world rate of 87 per 100 inhabitants in 2011. The subscription for the developing world stands at 78.8 percent in the same period, a very close match, given the wide disparities that existed for fixed lines in years past and the differences in terms of social and economic development.


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