The Portable Internet

image of The Portable Internet

This report, the sixth in the ITU Internet Report series, analyses the impact and potential of the portable Internet on the changing wireless landscape. In its analysis, the report aims to cover a complete range of aspects, including technologies (e.g. Wi-Fi, WiMAX, UWB and IMT-2000), market trends (e.g. convergence, pricing strategies), policy and regulatory issues (e.g. spectrum policy, competition policy), tools for bridging the digital divide (e.g. success stories and country case studies) and choices for society, including future scenarios and societal implications of technologies.



The Future of Portable Internet Technologies

Nothing has had as dramatic and rapid impact on our generation as the Internet and the mobile phone. They have dramatically influenced the telecommunications landscape and in some cases, completely changed lifestyles and social habits. They have also created new revenue-generating streams and transformed business models. Today, with the marriage of the two giants, the so-called “portable Internet” revolution is underway. Ten years ago, no one could have imagined the ubiquity of the mobile phone around the world. Similarly, gadgets that seem like science fiction to us today will be commonplace in the world of tomorrow.


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