Options for Regulatory Processes and Procedures in Telecommunications

image of Options for Regulatory Processes and Procedures in Telecommunications

The Report's purpose is to illuminate the alternatives that exist for national telecommunications regulation and to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of these various options. The Regulatory Colloquium itself, and the preparation of the Briefing Report, were funded by the New ITU Association of Japan. The principal authors are Michael Tyler and Susan Bednarczyk. The views expressed are those of the authors alone.



Introduction: regulatory institutions and processes in an evolving telecommunications environment

This report surveys and discusses the options available in designing regulatory institutions, processes and procedures for telecommunications. This was selected as the subject of the first Geneva Colloquium, and hence of this report, in response to a need expressed by many professionals concerned with achieving appropriate and effective regulation. The report provided both background information and an analytical framework for discussions at the Colloquium.


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