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JPEG Pleno: Standardizing a Coding Framework and Tools for Plenoptic Imaging Modalities

Abstract – JPEG Pleno is an upcoming standard from the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1 (JPEG) Committee. It aims to provide a standard framework for coding new imaging modalities derived from representations inspired by the plenoptic function. The image modalities addressed by the current standardization activities are light field, holography, and point clouds, where these image modalities describe different sampled representations of the plenoptic function. The applications that may benefit from these emerging image modalities range from supporting varying capture platforms, interactive content viewing, cultural environments exploration and medical imaging to more immersive browsing with novel special effects and more realistic images. These use cases come with a set of requirements addressed by the JPEG Pleno standard. Main requirements envision high compression efficiency, random access, scalability, error-resilience, low complexity, and metadata support. This paper presents a synopsis of the status of the standardization process and provides technical insights as well as the latest performance evaluation results.


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