ITU-R Propagation Prediction Methods for Interference and Sharing Studies


image of ITU-R Propagation Prediction Methods for Interference and Sharing Studies

This Handbook provides technical information and guidance needed for sharing studies and interference assessments using selected ITU-R P-Series RF propagation models and prediction methods. The handbook is intended to be used in conjunction with ITU-R P-Series Recommendations to assist in performing interference analyses and prediction methods on radiocommunication service systems.



Representative sharing scenarios for ITU-R P-series propagation methods and models

The Chapter presents a background and context for model/method utilization by providing sample sharing scenarios that can be analysed using the propagation methods and models discussed in this Handbook. Some of the sharing scenarios in this section represent a historical study of past liaison statement interactions between Study Group 3 and other Study Groups. If a liaison statement interaction was found that was relevant to a particular propagation model, the thread of back and forth liaisons were identified and the interested sharing scenario was identified. This Chapter presents the sharing studies and representative use of the models discussed in this Handbook.


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