IP Telephony

image of IP Telephony

This report reviews the economic, technical and regulatory factors which are affecting the spread of IP Telephony. It presents original research on case studies on the adaptation of IP Telephony in a number of countries including China, Columbia, Peru and Thailand.



Technical Aspects of IP Telephony

A fundamental shift has been occurring in the telecommunications industry, a shift that is arguably as important as that from the telegraph to the telephone or from the mainframe to the personal computer. That change is a shift from traditional PSTN circuit-switched voice networks to packet-switched data networks, using Internet Protocol (IP) technology. For the most part of the last century, voice traffic was dominant. Today voice represents an ever-diminishing percentage of overall telecommunications traffic when compared to data. One result is that support for IP-related technologies is now a strategic element in the design, development and use of telecommunication networks. It also means that most PTOs are aggressively implementing IP technologies in their networks.


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