Internet for a Mobile Generation

image of Internet for a Mobile Generation

This report on Internet for a Mobile Generation is the fourth in the "ITU Internet Reports" series (previously known as "Challenges to the Network"). The key issues addressed in this 2002 edition are: technologies and applications; demand, market structure and economic implications; regulatory and policy aspects. Material from individual country case studies provides valuable and informative insights and a Statistical Annex presents the latest information on the status of Internet developments worldwide.



Conclusions - Towards a mobile information society

In this report we have looked at the ways in which the mobile revolution—past, present and future—is changing the way we live and work. Mobile phones are already pervasive in all major developed economies and in an increasing number of developing ones too. But with the advent of the mobile Internet, wireless gadgets are set to invade new areas of personal life and work. This new generation of gadgets will make new services and applications possible, but may also threaten traditional values of privacy and courtesy.


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