Guidelines for Parents, Guardians and Educators on Child Online Protection

image of Guidelines for Parents, Guardians and Educators on Child Online Protection

These Guidelines have been developed within the Child Online Protection (COP) Initiative, as part of ITU’s Global Cybersecurity Agenda, with the aim of establishing the foundations for a safe and secure cyberworld notonly for today’s youth but also for future generations. The Guidelines are meant to act as a blueprint which can be adapted and used in a way which is consistent with national or local customs and laws. Moreover, it will be appreciated that these guidelines address issues which might affect all children and young people under the age of 18 but each age group will have different needs.



Children and Young People Online

The Internet has continued to change dramatically in recent years. New services such as blogs, Wikipedia, My Space, You Tube, and online games have increased the Internet’s connectivity, encouraging social networking and allowing surfers to create their own content. The number of new blogs has continued to double every five months for the last two years; the use of social networking websites such as Bebo, Facebook, Habbo and Twitter is multiplying year after year; and over the past three years communication between web users has become the largest source of Internet traffic.


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