1998 General Trends in Telecommunication Reform 1998

World, Volume I

image of General Trends in Telecommunication Reform 1998

The report provides an overview of the telecommunication regulatory reforms and trends worldwide. Specific regulatory issues are analyzed and compared by region. This report comprises six chapters. The first chapter is dedicated to a general worldwide overview of regulatory trends. Chapters 2-6 address each region (Africa, Americas, Arab States, Asia-Pacific and Europe). All six chapters are focused on new legislation, the rise of regulatory agencies, ownership reforms, competition trends, regulatory matters and regional and international cooperation.




The countries in the African region are undertaking significant reforms to develop their telecommunication infrastructure, increase their low penetration rates and provide better quality service to the public. Most countries have passed or are pursuing legislation to restructure their telecommunication sector to allow for new technologies and services, to permit competition in basic telecommunication, introduce private investment, and to establish a credible regulatory agency to oversee the sector.


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