Fast-Forward Progress

Leveraging Tech to Achieve the Global Goals: ICT4SDG

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This Report was written as a collaborative effort between 29 UN programmes, specialized agencies and international organizations. It draws on the personal insights from a range of leaders of UN organizations and World Wildlife International.



SDG9 - Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

All too often, it is assumed that improvements in ICT connectivity rates will automatically translate into improvements in development. In fact, as ITU has long been highlighting, this can only be the case where an enabling environment with flexible and adaptive ICT regulatory frameworks are in place, to capitalize on the benefits of the digital revolution. Indeed, ITU organizes the annual Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR) to debate new and emerging ICT regulatory issues in ICT. Real-world drivers and constraints cannot be neglected at the expense of the virtual world – we need concerted efforts to harness the power of ICTs and the online world to enrich people’s lives.


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