Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting in the VHF/UHF Bands

DTTB Handbook

image of Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting in the VHF/UHF Bands

This Handbook provides guidance to engineers responsible for the implementation of digital terrestrial television broadcasting and combines material dealing with digital and analogue television systems and planning aspects of this new topic.



Interaction with other services

Broadcasting does not have exclusive access to the frequency bands allocated to the broadcasting service. A number of sharing situations exist and these vary from one country to another, both in terms of the “other service” involved and its status in Radio Regulatory terms. Indeed, in some cases, the status may be in the process of change, for example from “permitted” to “primary”. Neither the status nor the right to protection are of direct concern here. However, it is clear that methods for calculating any potential interference either from or to the broadcasting service are required. This calculation process is complicated by the fact that it may be necessary to consider either assignments or allotments as the basis for digital television planning. This is also a difficulty which must be dealt with in the planning of television services (in other words, the interaction between television services) with no consideration of interference to or from other services.


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