Deployment of IMT-2000 Systems

image of Deployment of IMT-2000 Systems

This Handbook addresses a variety of issues related to the deployment of IMT-2000 systems, to inform and guide key decision-makers on critical aspects concerning third-generation mobile communication systems, to facilitate decisions on the selection of options and strategies for the introduction of their IMT-2000 networks.



Service requirements and application trends

The world of telecommunications has seen an evolution in the way in which people communicate and access information. Today, leading-edge technologies allow the use of sophisticated personalized and mobile services. The Internet and wireless mobility have been the drivers for this evolution and the convergence of these two technologies offers a wide range of possibilities for end-user services. The wireless Internet will bring about ubiquitous access to the Internet as well as location-based and high bandwidth services. The details of the services and applications environment are described in Annex C, where network solution approaches to support the services and applications environment are also discussed.


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