Connect Americas 2012

Making a Difference in the Americas Region Through ICTs: Projects and Initiatives

image of Connect Americas 2012

The Connect Americas Summit builds on the success of three such preceding events: Connect Africa 2007, Connect CIS 2009, and Connect Arab 2012. The Summit which is organized by the International Telecommunication Union and is hosted by the Government of the Republic of Panama was preceded by two preparatory meetings that were held in Trinidad and Tobago, in March 2012, and in Mexico City, Mexico, in April 2012. This report focuses on the five Regional Initiatives for the Americas region which are Emergency Telecommunications, Digital Broadcasting, Broadband, Reduction of Internet Access Costs and Human Capacity Building on ICTs.



Creating an Enabling Environment for the new Information Society

Governments play an important role in creating a conducive regulatory environment to promote the growth, deployment and uptake of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). In so doing they foster competition that will in turn attract foreign and domestic investment into the ICT sector resulting in lower access and use prices and better quality of service. There are new challenges arising from issues that include convergence of technologies, and migration from analog to digital broadcasting, to name but a few.


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