Compendium of ITU's Work on Emergency Telecommunications

image of Compendium of ITU's Work on Emergency Telecommunications

This first edition of the “GMPCS Reference Book” provides information on all aspects of GMPCS services, including reference materials, covering regulatory, technical, operational and commercial implications. Its specifically logical presentation aids the reader in discovering all there is to know about this new breakthrough which could be extremely beneficial to developing countries aiming at Universal Access.



Work on the results of the first World Telecommunication Policy Forum (WTPF-96)

On 1 January 1996 there were no GMPCS Low Earth Orbiting Satellites (LEOs) as such in space, but by 30 June 1999 there were more than 80 (eighty) and more are still going up. In the fourth quarter of 1998, the first truly GMPCS system, Iridium, started providing commercial service to customers globally although one can say that Orbcomm was the first GMPCS system, but providing only data and message services, launched in fall 1995, with the commercial service commencing in February 1996 within the US and in November 1998 on a worldwide basis. Since then, Globalstar started commercial operation in October 1999 and more systems are expected to become operational in the near future. This shows the pressure that the global community (ITU, regulators and industry) is exerting in order to ensure that this is carried out successfully and within the principles accepted under Opinion 2 of the first WTPF.


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