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Regulatory Analysis of International Mobile Roaming Services

This report offers practical advice on investigating international mobile roaming services and provides the context and information needed to do two things: first, to choose the approach to roaming; and second, to run the day-to-day investigation...
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Study on International Internet Connectivity in Sub-Saharan Africa

This report analyses the various actors in the provision of Internet connection and the role played by each one, as well as the bottlenecks that can lead to inefficiencies and associated costs in the sub-Saharan Africa. It also sets out concrete...
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Taxing Telecommunication / ICT Services

General and special taxes on telecommunication/ICT services are not the only direct or indirect interaction between the finance ministry and telecommunications/ICT operators. In addition, customs taxes on telecommunication equipment or devices have...
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Developing Successful Public-Private Partnerships to Foster Investment in Universal Broadband Networks

The aim of the report is to promote the sharing of best practices adopted by PPP broadband projects, whether they have been used to provide broadband access nationally, regionally, or in rural areas. This document provides an overall view of the best...
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Thematic video on Finance and Investment

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