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  • 06 Jan 2006
  • International Telecommunication Union
  • Pages: 98
This report is on the theoretical and practical aspects of the significant market power in telecommunications. It is part of a series of ITU telecommunication studies analyzing economic aspects of telecommunications and carried out by ITU/BDT's...
  • 12 May 2011
  • International Telecommunication Union
  • Pages: 148
The ITU report ICT and Telecommunications in Least Developed Countries: Review of progress made during the decade 2000-2010 is produced as an input to the Fourth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDC-IV), to be held in...
  • 08 Sep 2006
  • International Telecommunication Union
  • Pages: 128
This document made huge strides towards the implementation of all the seven Commitments of the Brussels Programme of Action of the Least Developed Countries that was adopted by the Third United Nations Conference for the Least Developed Countries for...
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