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Success Stories 2012

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This year’s case studies were selected through a contest of WSIS Project Prizes 2012, open to all stakeholders from submission to voting and served as the basis for WSIS Stocktaking 2012: Success Stories. The announcement of WSIS Project Prizes came in response to requests from participants at the WSIS Forum 2011 for a mechanism to evaluate and reward stakeholders for the success of their efforts in implementing development-oriented strategies that leverage the power of information and communication technologies. The new WSIS Project Prizes is now an integral part of the WSIS Stocktaking Process established in 2004. Prior to the identification of the winners, the WSIS Project Prizes 2012 contest went through several phases, namely, submission and appreciation. The contest had a multi-stakeholder character involving the participation of governments, international organizations, civil society, private sector and others.The 2012 success stories are in accordance with the mandate of the WSIS Stocktaking set in paragraph 120 of the Tunis Agenda on the Information Society and the Resolution 2011/16 on “Assessment of the progress made in the implementation of and follow-up to the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society” which encouraged all stakeholders to continue contributing to the WSIS Stocktaking database.



Information and communication infrastructure: Sudanese Internet Exchange Point (Sudan)

Internet Exchange Points interconnect Internet service providers in a region or a country, allowing them to exchange domestic Internet traffic locally without having to send those messages across multiple international hops to reach their destination. By keeping local traffic local and avoiding international links, local operators reap substantial cost savings and thereby extend such savings to the local users’ community. Internet Exchange Points are not limited to fixed data or to traditional service providers; they can serve a very diverse and unique mix of service providers, including international carriers, mobile operators, content providers, Voice over Internet Protocol parties, application providers, hosting companies, TV broadcasters and other related businesses. In case of disasters and complete blackouts from global Internet connectivity, the Internet Exchange Point provides for local traffic exchange with a high availability.


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