WSIS Stocktaking Success Stories 2015

International Telecommunication Union World Summit on the Information Society WSIS Stocktaking Processsw

image of WSIS Stocktaking Success Stories 2015

This report refers to 18 projects selected as the most successful stories worldwide under each category, to serve as best practice models to be replicated by other stakeholders interested in ICT for development.The WSIS Prizes 2015 contest represents an ideal platform for identifying and showcasing success stories and models that can be easily replicated, empowering communities at the local level, giving an opportunity to WSIS stakeholders to participate in the contest, and, in particular, recognizing the efforts of stakeholders in terms of the value they add to society and of their commitment to achieving the WSIS goals.




Authentic environmental information is fast becoming a necessity, just like any other strategic information necessary for human health and sustainable use of our environmental resources. Issues ranging from reduced availability of fresh water, contamination of natural systems, waste management, sustainable use of resources, population growth, air pollution and climate changes, conservation of biodiversity and land degradation to remediation of oil spills and land mines have all remained hot topics of discussion at public forums and media conferences in Kuwait. Finding environmental information in Kuwait has been a challenge for citizens and residents for a long time. They have usually ended up with a set of outdated and contradictory data emerging from various organizations and institutions working on the environment.


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