WSIS + 5

Report on the World Summit on the Information Society Plus Five. ITU’s five-year contribution to the WSIS Implementation and Follow-up (2005-2010)

image of WSIS + 5

ITU's five-year contribution to the WSIS Implementation and Follow-up (2005-2010). This report provides information on the key initiatives and activities carried out by the three sectors of the Union (Standardization, Radiocommunication and the Development Sector) and the General Secretariat that have considerably enhanced the WSIS outcomes in the five years since 2005. The WSIS+5 report takes stock of all the WSIS-related activities carried out by ITU from 2005 to 2010.



Foreword by the ITU Deputy Secretary-General, Mr Houlin Zhao

ITU continues to assist in the follow-up of WSIS implementation since the first phase of WSIS in 2003. Within ITU, the effective coordination of ITU’s strategies and activities in relation to WSIS has been ensured by a WSIS Task Force, which I chair. As the Chairman of this Task Force, I would like to reinforce that WSIS remains a top priority for ITU. I am pleased to inform that, in collaboration with our partners from all the UN agencies involved, we are committed to implementing the WSIS outcomes and achieving targets by 2015.


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