World Telecommunication Development Report 1996-1997

Trade in Telecommunications

image of World Telecommunication Development Report 1996-1997

The third edition explores the theme of telecommunications trade, covering both trade in equipment and trade in services. As well as providing up-to-date information on the outcome of the trade negotiations and analysis of new developments in electronic commerce, the report also presents ITU’s authoritative World Telecommunication Indicators for year end 1995. These statistics monitor the main indicators of network growth, mobile communications, pricing, revenues and investment for 200 plus economies worldwide.



The changing rules of the game

The continuous evolution of new technologies and services, the shift towards a competitive marketplace, and the wave of privatization has brought about dramatic change in the market for international telecommunication services in recent years. As a result, the traditional rules of the game for international telecommunications, which were based on the joint provision of service, are widely perceived to be in need of reform. A new paradigm is emerging in which international telecommunications is viewed as a traded service, open to global competition. This report has mapped the boundaries of the new game and this chapter will explore the evolution of the rules required to play.


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