World Information Society Report 2007

Beyond WSIS

image of World Information Society Report 2007

The second edition of the World Information Society Report, published by ITU and UNCTAD, looks beyond WSIS to the creation of an inclusive, people-centred and development-oriented Information Society, open to all. The opening chapter looks at the challenges of measuring the ICT sector while chapter two examines progress in bridging the digital divide. Chapter three focuses on emerging trends in the information society worldwide and chapter four looks at national ICT strategies. Chapter five considers the threats to cybersecurity, while chapter six provides an update on WSIS implementation and presents a number of ICT success stories across the world. When purchased, the report is accompanied by a series of tables providing the latest statistics on the development of ICTs worldwide.



Challenges to building a safe and secure Information Society

Over the past two decades, the Internet has transformed many aspects of modern life. Use of the Internet continues to grow, with the estimated number of Internet users exceeding one billion worldwide at the end of 2006 and an estimated 113 million websites. People around the globe and from all walks of life have been hearing about the promised improvements the Internet will bring to their lives. While some of these promises have materialized, the full potential of the Internet has not yet been realized. One of the main reasons is that many users lack trust in the Internet for conducting transactions or storing sensitive information. An online survey conducted by ITU in 2006 found that almost two-thirds of respondents had refrained from certain activities online due to security concerns, while users’ greatest fears were theft of personal information (e.g., identity theft, credit card fraud etc), computer viruses and spyware. Building trust and confidence is one of the key enablers of future growth and use of the Internet.


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