World Information Society Report 2007

Beyond WSIS

image of World Information Society Report 2007

The second edition of the World Information Society Report, published by ITU and UNCTAD, looks beyond WSIS to the creation of an inclusive, people-centred and development-oriented Information Society, open to all. The opening chapter looks at the challenges of measuring the ICT sector while chapter two examines progress in bridging the digital divide. Chapter three focuses on emerging trends in the information society worldwide and chapter four looks at national ICT strategies. Chapter five considers the threats to cybersecurity, while chapter six provides an update on WSIS implementation and presents a number of ICT success stories across the world. When purchased, the report is accompanied by a series of tables providing the latest statistics on the development of ICTs worldwide.



Implementing WSIS Outcomes

The year 2007 marks the second full year of implementation, following the successful conclusion of the Tunis Phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), which took place in Tunis on 16-18 November 2005. More significantly, it represents a midway point between the formal adoption by the UN General Assembly of the WSIS as a Summit in two phases under the patronage of the UN Secretary-General in December 2001, and the anticipated review of the WSIS outcomes due to take place in 2015. This Chapter evaluates what has been achieved thus far in the WSIS process and what remains to be done.


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