Wireless Broadband Masterplan for the Union of Myanmar

image of Wireless Broadband Masterplan for the Union of Myanmar

This report forms an important input into the country’s broader telecommunications sector policies and strategies which have as their aim to propel the nation into a more advanced ICT economy. The implementation plans to improve Myanmar teledensity and to address its digital divide are being developed within the Ministry of Communications, Posts and Telegraphs (Ministry) especially by the Posts and Telecommunications Department (PTD). Based on an objective assessment of needs and priority, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar was one of the four countries the others being, Nepal, Samoa and Viet Nam selected by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in which ITU developed national pilot wireless broadband masterplans. The ITU Guidelines for the preparation of national wireless broadband masterplans for the Asia Pacific region provides the reference framework for the development of a national wireless broadband development. It was used extensively in the development of this report.



Executive Summary

This report provides an analysis of the current state of Myanmar’s broadband capability and recommendations for the implementation of an effective wireless broadband technology. It also considers key regulatory aspects for the provision of wireless broadband services throughout the country.


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