Visions of the Information Society

image of Visions of the Information Society

The spectacular development of information and communication technologies (ICT) has radically affected the way in which humans work, dialogue with each other, and go about their daily lives. It has transformed the global economy, heralding a new and dynamic "information society". But what are the real implications of the transformation? Greater security risks? Access to information for everyone, everywhere? This publication, consisting of a book containing expert analyses of different areas and a CD-ROM containing extensive background resources, electronic versions of studies and web references, provides a global reflection on the information society. The authors are renowned experts in their respective fields, and include leading academics and consultants of international repute. The major themes covered are: the perspectives of industrialized and developing countries; network security; ICTs for education; and rights management.



The nature of the information society: An industrialized world perspective

The weaving together of digital networks and information with the social networks of the twenty-first century has very significant implications for all of us. No matter how we choose to define the ‘information society’, there are many unanswered questions about how, and the extent to which, we should promote developments that give an increasingly central place to the use of information and communication technologies in our lives. Regardless of whether we believe that today’s information societies are fundamentally new, or that they are simply an extension of certain features of existing societies, the global spread of networks means that there are major implications for those who can participate easily and effectively and for those who cannot.


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