Use of Radio Spectrum for Meteorology

Weather, Water and Climate Monitoring and Prediction. Handbook

image of Use of Radio Spectrum for Meteorology

Timely warning of impeding natural and environmental disasters, accurate climate prediction and detailed understanding of the status of global water resources: these are critically important everyday issues for the global community. Radio frequencies represent scarce and key resources used by meteorological services to measure and collect the observation data upon which analyses and predictions, including warnings, are based. This Handbook provides comprehensive technical information on the use of radio frequencies by meteorological systems for climate monitoring disaster prediction and detection. The soft-copy is exceptionally free-of-charge.



Passive and active spaceborne remote sensing for meteorological activities

The existence of meteorological satellites is well known in most of the world and images produced by them are shown regularly on television, in the popular press and on the Internet. The public is therefore used to seeing colour-augmented, map-registered images showing cloud cover, surface temperatures, snow cover and other weather phenomena.


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